Beginning iOS Programming with Swift and SwiftUI (iOS 15 & Xcode 13 Ready)

This book covers everything you need to learn for iOS app development. Remember, Swift is just a programming language. To develop an iOS app, you need to learn far more than that. SwiftUI is an essential UI frameworks you need to learn.

With step by step explanation, the book walks you through how you can build complex UI using SwiftUI. On top of the UI frameworks, this book will teach you how to program in Swift, work with Xcode 13 and master the essential APIs provided by the iOS 15 SDK. Most importantly, it takes you every step of the way from an idea to building a real world app on App Store.

What You will Learn

You’ll first learn the basics of Swift and SwiftUI. Then you’ll start to prototype a real world app and build it from scratch. Each chapter you’ll learn how to use the iOS APIs to build some features. After going through the whole book, you’ll have a real app. During the process, you will learn how to exhibit data in list views, design UI using Stack Views, create animations, work on maps, build an adaptive UI, save data in local database, upload data to iCloud, use TestFlight to arrange beta test, etc.

This new book features a lot of hands-on exercises and projects. You will get the opportunities to write code, fix bugs and test your app. Although it involves a lot of work, it will be a rewarding experience. I believe it will allow you to master Swift 5.5, Xcode 15, and iOS 15 programming. Most importantly, you will be able to develop an app and release it on App Store.

Who is this book for

This book is written for beginners without any prior programming experience and those who want to learn Swift programming. Whether you are a programmer who wants to learn a new programming language or a designer who wants to turn your design into an iOS app or an entrepreneur who wants to learn to code, this book is written for you.

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