Full Stack GraphQL Applications

Build hyper-fast and hyper-efficient web applications with GraphQL! This practical, comprehensive guide introduces the powerful GRANDStack for developing full stack web applications based in graph data structures.

In Full Stack GraphQL Applications you will learn how to:

  • Build backend functionalities for GraphQL applications
  • Model a GraphQL API with GraphQL type definitions
  • Utilize Neo4j as a backend database
  • Handle authentication and authorization with GraphQL
  • Implement pagination and rate limiting in a GraphQL API
  • Develop a GraphQL service with Apollo Server
  • Install Neo4j Database on different platforms
  • Create a basic frontend application using React and Apollo Client
  • Deploy a full stack GraphQL application to the cloud

The GraphQL query language radically reduces over-fetching or under-fetching of data by constructing precise graph-based data requests. In Full Stack GraphQL Applications you’ll learn how to build graph-aware web applications that take full advantage of GraphQL’s amazing efficiency. Neo4j’s William Lyon teaches you everything you need to know to design, deploy, and maintain a GraphQL API from scratch. He reveals how you can build your web apps with GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database, aka “the GRANDstack,” to get maximum performance out of GraphQL.

about the technology

The GraphQL API query language radically streamlines data exchanges with backend servers by representing application data as easy-to-understand graphs. You can amplify GraphQL’s benefits by using graph-aware tools and data stores, like React, Apollo, and Neo4j, throughout your application. A full stack graph approach provides a consistent data model end to end, reducing friction in data fetching and increasing developer productivity.

about the book

Full Stack GraphQL Applications teaches you to build graph-aware web applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and the Neo4j database, collectively called “the GRANDstack.” Practical, hands-on examples quickly develop your understanding of how the GRANDstack fits together. As you go, you’ll create and deploy to the cloud a full-featured web application that includes search, authentication, and more. Soon, you’ll be ready to deploy end-to-end applications that take full advantage of GraphQL’s outstanding performance.

what’s inside

  • Building a GraphQL backend using Neo4j
  • Authentication and authorization with GraphQL
  • Pagination and GraphQL abstract types
  • A basic frontend application using React and Apollo Client
  • Deploying to the cloud with Netlify, AWS Lambda, Auth0, and Neo4j Aura

about the reader

For full stack web developers. No experience with GraphQL or graph databases required.

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