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Data Structures & Algorithms in Python (Developer’s Library) 

Data Structures & Algorithms in Python is packed with examples, review questions, individual and team exercises, thought experiments, and longer programming projects. It’s ideal for both self-study and classroom settings, and either as a primary text or as a complement to a more formal presentation.

Q# Pocket Guide: Instant Help for Q# Developers 1st Edition

If you’re looking to get started with both quantum computing and quantum programming at the same time, I recommend you combine this book with any resource that covers the basic concepts of quantum computing, such as the Quantum Katas, a collection of tutorials and programming exercises on quantum computing. This way you’ll be able to learn new topics and immediately put them to good use solving problems and implementing the solutions. After all, the best way to learn is by doing!

Solutions Architect’s Handbook(2nd Edition)

Kick-start your career as a solutions architect by learning architecture design principles and strategies, 2nd Edition
From fundamentals and design patterns to the different strategies for creating secure and reliable architectures in AWS cloud, learn everything you need to become a successful solutions architect

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Solutions Architects: A practical guide to effectively designing enterprise-grade solutions with OCI services

Develop enterprise architect skills by building secure, highly available, and cost-effective solutions with Oracle Functions, Terraform, and the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Key Features Explore Oracle’s Gen 2.0 […]