Fullstack Web Components

Learn to scale UI libraries for performant, enterprise-ready apps

The Fullstack Web Components book is the complete guide to building UI Libraries with Web Components

Learn Web Components through the lens of a JavaScript developer

Web Components are a powerful tool for user interface development. They are interoperable and adding them to your stack can help you scale a UI library to multiple teams. Plus they can have a long lifespan because they are built with browser specifications. Web Components are performant because they don’t have to rely on the overhead from JavaScript frameworks.

There are several books about Web Components, but none go into how to integrate Web Components in an enterprise web development workflow. This book is designed to help you learn Web Components and integrate it into your actual work.

Get hands-on experience coding UI with Web Components, but also learn how to test and maintain those components in the context of a distributed UI library in Fullstack Web Components.

What’s in the book

Fullstack Web Components teaches you how to code complex user interfaces with custom elements

  • The basics of working with and manipulating Web Components
  • How to server-side render Web Components with Declarative Shadow DOM and Node.js
  • How to create a micro-library for Web Components with TypeScript Decorators
  • How to build web applications entirely from Web Components and JavaScript
  • The best practices for maintaining a UI library made of custom elements
  • What problems Web Components can solve in everyday development

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