C++23 Best Practices

This is a major update and reorganization of my popular C++ Best Practices book. That version ends at C++20. This version has been updated to C++23 with all of the examples reviewed and updated to C++23.

If you are still using C++20, you should still consider getting the older version of this book. If you are looking forward to using C++23 soon, you should get this book!

As a C++ developer and trainer for more than 20 years, I have learned that there are many common mistakes that C++ developers of all experience levels make. This book distills that experience down into the most important things to address to make your code faster, easier to maintain, and more portable.

Most sections have one or more exercises that help you apply what is discussed in a practical way in the code you are currently working on

This book is intentionally concise! Expect short sections for each item! I use as few words as possible to get across the point and get you applying what you learned to your code.

If you follow me and watch all of my talks this book will present little new information to you. Why should you buy it then? Because I’ve consolidated the most important items and given you exercises to apply the rules in your code.

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