The Road to React:The React.js in JavaScript Book (2024 Edition with React 18 and React Hooks)

The book and let alone the resources offered by this book and it’s author are simply phenomenal. It’s extremely easy to work through and play around with the code while you follow along.

The additional reading links offered are extremely helpful and well thought out. It’s refreshing to find a codebook that keeps you glued and connected. Initially, when first approaching React, I had purchased a Udemy course from another teacher. However, I found myself getting quite lost after just a few videos. The teacher in that highly rated series kept it easy at first but then blindsides you with hard to grasp concepts and code and failed to inform well what was going on. It was from my discouragement that I looked for another resource and came across this book. The author is very adept at keeping you informed and taking you through one step at a time. He doesn’t dumb it down nor does he prattle on. Rather he keeps right on track, concise, and informative. He reminds me of my favorite professor in college. In addition to such as well organized and structured learning tool, there is also a slack group community and a Github for the code/project. If you are wanting to learn React, I would absolutely grab this book.

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