Python Workbook: Learn Python in one day and Learn It Well (2nd Edition)

Python Workbook: Learn Python in one day and Learn It Well (2nd Edition)

Python Workbook for Beginners with Hands-On Projects, Workbook with Questions, Solutions and Projects.

Are you looking for a hands-on approach to learn Python fast? Or perhaps you have just completed a Python course and are looking for practice questions to test your Python skills.

Do you have problems with some Python concepts and are looking for a workbook to provide you with more questions and solutions to learn from? This workbook is for you.

This book is designed to be the accompanying workbook for the book “Learn Python In One Day and Learn It Well (2nd Edition)” by the same author.

It can also be used as a standalone workbook for you to test and improve your knowledge of the Python syntax.

What this book offers…

Carefully designed questions

Each question in this workbook is crafted to help you gradually build your programming skills, focusing on one or two concepts at a time and increasing in level of difficulty as we progress through the chapters.

Clear and Easy to Understand Solutions

All solutions in this book are extensively tested by a group of beta readers. The solutions provided are simplified as much as possible so that they can serve as examples for you to refer to when you are learning a new syntax.

Two Projects to Consolidate Your Learning

This workbook also includes two projects at the end to help you consolidate your learning. While the individual chapters prior to the projects help you learn one concept at a time, these two projects require the application of multiple concepts covered in previous chapters and allow you to see how everything works together.

What this book aims to do…

This workbook is written with one goal in mind – to help new programmers overcome their initial obstacles to learning.

A lot of times, when new programmers look at code written by other programmers, they tend to feel intimidated as a lot of the code looks complicated to them. A complete program written by other programmers incorporates many different concepts.

The goal of this workbook is to isolate the different concepts so that new programmers can gradually gain competency in the fundamentals of the language before working on bigger projects at the end of the book.

Programming does not have to be scary or frustrating when you take one step at a time.

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Topics Covered:

– Variables and Mathematical Operations in Python
– Common data types, including integers, floats, strings
– Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries- String Formatting
– Accepting user inputs and displaying outputs
– Comparison and Condition Statements
– Control flow tools in Python
– How to handle errors and exceptions
– What are functions and modules?
– How to define your own functions and modules
– How to work with external files
– Object Oriented Programming Concepts
– Classes, Subclasses and Inheritance
..and more…

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