.NET in Action, 2nd Edition

Learn to build standout line-of-business applications using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the premier platform for enterprise business development.

Based on the bestselling .NET Core in Action, the new .NET in Action, Second Edition has been completely rewritten and updated by original author Dustin Metzgar—an industry veteran who helped develop both the original .NET Framework and .NET Core.

.NET in Action, Second Edition presents the big picture of .NET application development, introducing core concepts like:

  • Designing applications to take full advantage of .NET 8
  • Integrating the latest C# and .NET features
  • Building web services and applications with ASP.NET Core
  • Working with data in files and remote services, and databases via Entity Framework Core
  • Verifying code with unit and integration tests
  • Make applications ready for internationalization
  • Benchmarking and analyzing application performance

.NET in Action, Second Edition offers a clear-headed introduction to implementing full-featured, cross-platform professional applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. It compiles the must-know skills of .NET into a format that’s clear and easy to follow. In each chapter, you’ll build new applications, pick up essential .NET skills, and test your knowledge against handy exercises.

about the technology

The Microsoft .NET platform is a godsend for application developers. .NET provides a comprehensive framework, with consistent tooling for web, mobile, and line-of-business applications, high-performance games, and massive distributed systems. A perfect blend of power and flexibility, its just-in-time compiler runs multiple languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and F#.

about the book

.NET in Action, Second Edition teaches you to build cross-platform applications and services on the .NET platform. It gives you the big picture, systematically presenting the features you need to ship high-quality apps, without bogging you down in low-level details. You’ll learn to benchmark and analyze performance issues, secure your sites and products, and explore modern architectures like microservices. This totally-revised new edition now covers .NET 8 and new C# language features, along with updates to ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core.

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