HTML & CSS Coding Practice Book 5 with CSS Grid and Multi-page (Practical Hands-on Series 2)

HTML & CSS Coding Practice Book 5 with CSS Grid and Multi-page (Practical Hands-on Series 2)

■ What you’ll learn

  • Basic CSS Grid layout (for mosaic layout, using as layout guidelines, layered multiple grids, and more)
  • Coding the Design from scratch
  • Mobile-first and Responsive Layout
  • HTML with semantics and Simple CSS management

■ Who this book is for

  • Who want to learn web development with CSS Grid by doing
  • Who want to practice your HTML & CSS skills

■ Assets provided as Download

  • XD and Figma design files
  • Design specs with additional notes
  • Image assets
  • Complete HTML and CSS code (Case study’s code explained in this book)

■ Level for reference

  • Level 2 (it’s a Basic level in 5 scales)

■ Table of Contents
▼ Design Mockup and Specs
▼ Case Study

  • STEP 1 ― Analyzing the Design
  • STEP 2 ― Start Coding
  • STEP 3 ― Page Grid
  • STEP 4 ― Parts Grid
  • STEP 5 ― Main Content (Header Image and Article)
  • STEP 6 ― Photo Gallery
  • STEP 7 ― Hero
  • STEP 8 ― Message
  • STEP 9 ― Navigation Menu
  • STEP 10 ― Finishing and Final Checks


  • How to use Adobe XD
  • How to use Figma
  • How to publish a website on Netlify
  • Key points of coding
  • Download and Support

This book is the second volume of the “Practical Hands-on Series.”


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