Analytics Engineering with SQL and dbt

With the shift from data warehouses to data lakes, data now lands in repositories before it’s been transformed, enabling engineers to model raw data into clean, well-defined datasets. dbt (data build tool) helps you take data further. This practical book shows data analysts, data engineers, BI developers, and data scientists how to create a true self-service transformation platform through the use of dynamic SQL.

Authors Rui Machado from Monstarlab and Hélder Russa from Jumia show you how to quickly deliver new data products by focusing more on value delivery and less on architectural and engineering aspects. If you know your business well and have the technical skills to model raw data into clean, well-defined datasets, you’ll learn how to design and deliver data models without any technical influence.

With this book, you’ll learn:

  • What dbt is and how a dbt project is structured
  • How dbt fits into the data engineering and analytics worlds
  • How to collaborate on building data models
  • The main tools and architectures for building useful, functional data models
  • How to fit dbt into data warehousing and laking architecture
  • How to build tests for data transformations

More about the authors

Helder Russa, the head of data engineering at Jumia, with over 10 years of hands-on experience in computer science.

Rui Pedro Machado, vice president of technology at Fraudio, with a background in information technologies and data science.

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