Professional C++, 6th Edition

In the newly revised sixth edition of Professional C++, veteran software engineer and developer Marc Gregoire delivers yet another volume that raises the bar for advanced programming manuals. Covering the major new revisions contained in the new C++ standard codenamed C++23, the book offers case studies with working code that’s been tested in Windows and Linux.

The leading resource for dedicated and knowledgeable professionals seeking to advance their C++ skills, this book provides resources that help readers:

  • Maximize C++ capabilities with effective design solutions
  • Master little-known elements and learn what practices to avoid
  • Adopt new workarounds and testing/debugging best practices
  • Use real-world program segments in your own applications

C++ is a complex and unforgiving language. Professional C++, 6th Edition, allows dedicated practitioners to remain current and abreast of the latest developments and advances.

More about the author

Marc Gregoire, A software engineer and developer of C/C++ applications for both Windows and Linux. He is a Microsoft MVP, the founder of the Belgian C++ users group, and is currently working on X-ray, CT, and 3-D geometric inspection software for Nikon Metrology. He previously worked on critical 2G and 3G telecom software for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks. Marc is the author of Professional C++ 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions, co-author of C++ Standard Library Quick Reference, technical editor on numerous books and articles, and maintains a blog at

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