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Vishwesh Ravi Shrimali graduated from BITS Pilani, where he studied mechanical engineering. He has a keen interest in programming and AI and has applied that interest in mechanical engineering projects. He has also written multiple blogs on OpenCV, deep learning, and computer vision. When he is not writing blogs or working on projects, he likes to go on long walks or play his acoustic guitar. He is also an author of Computer Vision Workshop, a book focusing on OpenCV and its applications in real-world scenarios; as well as, Machine Learning for OpenCV (2nd edition) – which introduces how to use OpenCV for machine learning applications.

Data Science for Marketing Analytics

Data Science for Marketing Analytics: A practical guide to forming a killer marketing strategy through data analysis with Python, 2nd Edition

Turbocharge your marketing plans by making the leap from simple descriptive statistics in Excel to sophisticated predictive analytics with the Python programming language. Key Features Use data analytics […]