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Vaskaran Sarcar is an Indian author, formerly employed at HP India PPS R&D Hub,Bangalore. He holds a M.E. in Software Engineering from Jadavpur University, a MCA from Vidyasagar University, and a B.Sc (Math) from Presidency University(formerly Presidency College). He is also a National Gate Scholar (2007-2009), and has more than 12 years of experience in Education and the IT industry. Vaskaran devoted his early years (2005-2007) to teaching at various engineering colleges, and later he joined HP India PPS R&D Hub Bangalore.After working more than 10 years at HP, on August 12, 2019, Vaskaran announced that he would be leaving HP. At the time of his retirement from HP, he was a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at HP. To follow his dream and passion, Vaskaran is now a full-time author. His “off-line” interests include spending quality time with his family and reading books that aren’t about software!