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Mirza Rahim Baig is an avid problem solver who uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to solve complex business problems. He has more than a decade of experience in creating value from data, harnessing the power of the latest in machine learning and AI with proficiency in using unstructured and structured data across areas like marketing, customer experience, catalog, supply chain, and other eCommerce sub-domains. Rahim is also a teacher – designing, creating, teaching data science for various learning platforms. He loves making the complex easy to understand. He is also the co-author of The Deep Learning Workshop, a hands-on guide to start your deep learning journey and build your own next-generation deep learning models.

Data Science for Marketing Analytics

Data Science for Marketing Analytics: A practical guide to forming a killer marketing strategy through data analysis with Python, 2nd Edition

Turbocharge your marketing plans by making the leap from simple descriptive statistics in Excel to sophisticated predictive analytics with the Python programming language. Key Features Use data analytics […]