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Joyce Kay Avila has more than 25 years as a business and technology leader. She is a Texas Certified Public Accountant and currently holds one Amazon Web Services certification and one Snowflake certification. She also holds twelve Salesforce certifications, including the Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery certification along with several Salesforce Architect-level certifications.

Joyce works as the Snowflake Practice Manager at SpringML, a Snowflake partner who helps organizations unlock the power of data-driven insights using Snowflake’s unique cloud data platform. Previously, Joyce earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and in Accounting Business Administration, a Master’s degree of Business Administration, and completed her PhD coursework in Accounting Information Systems.

In support of the Salesforce and Snowflake communities, Joyce produces a running series of how-to videos on her YouTube channel. In 2022, she was selected as one of 48 Snowflake Data Superheroes worldwide.

Snowflake: The Definitive Guide: Architecting, Designing, and Deploying on the Snowflake Data Cloud 

You’ll learn how Snowflake users can build modern integrated data applications and develop new revenue streams based on data. Using hands-on SQL examples, you’ll also discover how the Snowflake Data Cloud helps you accelerate data science by avoiding replatforming or migrating data unnecessarily.