Monthly Archives: May 2022

PostGIS in Action, 3rd Edition

PostGIS in Action, Third Edition shows you how to solve real-world geodata problems. You’ll go beyond basic mapping, and explore custom functions for your applications. Inside this fully updated edition, you’ll find coverage of new PostGIS features such as PostGIS Window functions, parallelization of queries, and outputting data for applications using JSON and Vector Tile functions.

Full Stack Python Security

No-nonsense techniques, libraries, and best practices you can use to keep your Python applications safe and secure. In Full Stack Python Security: Cryptography, TLS, and attack resistance, you’ll learn how to: Use algorithms to encrypt, hash, and digitally sign data Create and install TLS certificates Implement authentication, authorization, OAuth 2.0, and form validation in Django […]

The Art of Cyberwarfare

Cyber attacks are no longer the domain of petty criminals. Today, companies find themselves targeted by sophisticated nation state attackers armed with the resources to craft scarily effective campaigns. This book is a detailed guide to understanding the major players in these cyber wars, the techniques they use, and the process of analyzing their advanced […]